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Too Many Sheep 谁说睡前要羊

Too Many Sheep 谁说睡前要羊

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TOO MANY SHEEP! They climb through the window and walk through the door. They sit on my bed and jump on the floor. They shower and shave, and there’s one on the loo! They have snacks in the kitchen. Oh, what will I do? Grandpa Jack says counting sheep helps him sleep. But a houseful of sheep brings more chaos than calm.

This gorgeous book to calm down and relax with. 

Product Details

Recommended Age:3 - 6 years

Format:Hard Cover

Language: Simplified Chinese

Author/Illustrator: [澳] 克莉丝汀娜·布斯 (Christina Booth) / 漆仰平


24 (W) x 25.5 (H) cms

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