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Miffy Baby's First Words Dictionary Book 米菲的第一本词语词典

Miffy Baby's First Words Dictionary Book 米菲的第一本词语词典

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Start with basics with Miffy with counting 1-2-3 or learning the alphabect (A-B-C). Miffy takes you on an easy to read and repeatable content for your child to quickly build their vocabulary. 

The books are beautifully built as board books, that contain strong coloured images and simplified chinese and translated english words. This bilingual book can be purchased as a set, or if you are just after the Alphabet or Counting.


Product Details

Recommended Age:0 - 3 years

Format:Board Books

Language: Simplified Chinese, English

Author/Illustrator: [荷兰]迪克·布鲁纳/着 杨定安/译


17 (W) x 17 (H) cms

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