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Disney Princess Collection (Set of 6) - 迪士尼公主经典故事全套8册

Disney Princess Collection (Set of 6) - 迪士尼公主经典故事全套8册

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Celebrating 100 years of Walt Disney Company, this exciting collection celebrates our favourite princess fairy tales in Simplified Chinese, with Pinyin for pronoucation support.

The stories included in this set cover Mulan (花木兰), Alice in Wonderland (爱丽丝漫游奇境记), Tangled (魔发奇缘), Brave(勇敢传说), Beauty and the Beast (美女与野兽), The Little Mermaid () and Sleeping Beauty (睡美人)Fairytales 

Disclaimer: Due to shipping issues Frozen (冰雪奇缘) is not part of this collection.

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Recommended Age:3 - 6 years


Language: Simplified Chinese, Pinyin

Author/Illustrator: 赖昕明


19 (H) x 24 (w) cms

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